If you have a boat that you want to transfer with you when you move, or if you’re thinking about buying a yacht or boat from another state, you should always take boat transport services into account for your new purchase.

These pointers can help you transport your powerboat, sailboat, or yacht to any area you desire. Even while managing the logistics of your boat alone is doable, employing boat moving services may make the process easier, safer, and more straightforward for you and your boat.

Self-Moving A Boat

Here are some pointers on moving a boat securely if you plan to do it yourself. What you should do is:

●      Remove loose items off the yacht or boat, such as ladders, water accessories, mugs, and bottles. Make sure that everything is secure and won’t move during the move if you want to leave some items inside.

●      Remove anything that sticks out of the boat or yacht, like an antenna.

●      It is preferable to empty the fuel tank if you plan to move your boat by land.

●      Moving a boat in the winter also requires extra caution. Before relocating a yacht or a boat, you should winterize all necessary items.

●      Shrink wraps the boat, but be careful since if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could damage it. If you want to move your boat with confidence, talk to pros.

●      Hiring a reputable boat moving business will be the best choice for you if you lack experience moving boats, are unsure how to do it correctly, or want to save time.

Discuss if shipping your boat by land or water is the most advantageous option before signing a contract with a boat moving business.

Using A Moving Company to Move a Yacht

Speak With Boat Moving Company

Whether you’re transferring your boat or yacht to Texas, Canada, or Europe is the first step to take.

Obtain a boat transport cost estimate to learn how much the boat movers will cost to do the requested shipment. Yachts are expensive to maintain, so it’s crucial to move them in the safest possible manner. Boat moving firms provide this service.

Compare Prices

When you get in touch with boat or yacht moving firms, let them know how big your vessel is and how far it needs to travel. These factors play a significant role in determining boat transport costs.

Moreover, additional fees for boat moving services like hiring a rigger or marina lift could apply. You must also consider the variation in boat transport costs between shipping on land and water.

Examine Reviews

The corresponding movers must be prepared to transport a yacht either inland or by water, so familiarize yourself with their tasks. Any boat mover’s website will be filled with glowing testimonials touting their services and promising the most affordable boat transport rates.

Before you sign the contract, do your research and confirm who you are hiring. Getting an online boat transport price quote is a fantastic and secure method to plan your boat transportation.

Check Offered Services

What other boat transport services are you looking for? Do you require transportation services such as water launching or extra insurance? If so, ask the yacht moving firms how much extra insurance will cost and what restrictions will be placed on it. A competent strategy and insurance are crucial for moving your boat to a new city or state.


Having a boat transport company on your side makes moving a maritime vessel much easier. The safest choice for a smooth shipment of your boat or yacht is to rely on experienced moving assistance. Get a couple of quotes from various businesses and move forward with assurance.

Sevens Transport can tow any boat, even large boats that need escorts or permits. The minimum shipping distance for all boats is presently 200 miles. If you’re looking for a reliable boat transport company, contact us!